Excuse me while I stop blabbering about what I’ve been doing lately and what I thought of Spiderman 3.  As I’m writing this I’m watching Guns, Germs & Steel on PBS. I’ve read the book, and I would say its the kind of book everyone should read. I’m not writing this to get into a book review.

On the show, they mention that malaria is the number one killer of African children under 5. Malaria is not a serious concern for the modern world, we’ve got pills that can keep us safe for it, but Zambian’s can’t afford those pills. Maybe I should spend my (ample) spare time collecting donations for malaria pills for Africans.

Here is an NPR piece on the costs of malaria to the African economy (although the economic analysis is simplistic) and how cheap it would be to fix the problem.  Apparently G-Dub has pledged to spend a few duckets on the problem.  For all his faults, I have heard that he’s done a lot for Africa.

Living in a global economy, helping Africa will lead to benefits here at home.  Are there any other problems around the globe that a) Could be fixed relatively easily and 2) Would have great benefit?