pimpAnyone remember the Friends were Joey shows Ross how to be unemployed, spacing out activities? After pranking calling Chandler at work Joey states “and thats tuesday.” I’m unemployed and can’t relate, I try and fill my time up with whatever I can think of so I don’t fall into the oh-so tempting trap of The Price is Right and Judge Judy. She’s so full of sass…

Today was a major victory to that end, I bought a surfboard! I think I got a good deal, but can’t say for certain. A new 7’6” egg (what I think I wanted) seemed to run 400 to 500, I found one on craigslist for 300 that dude claims he only used a couple of times. He looked like a guy who spent a lot of time at the beach, so maybe I shouldn’t believe him, but its too late now.

Now I can try and get a session in before Bob Barker comes on, and again after Judy. Life is getting better all the time. Course, steady pay checks would be even nicer, but thats jprobably me being greedy.