In between trying to find a place to live (might’ve found a winner) and a job, I’ve had a little spare time to entertain myself since arriving in San Diego. Last two days I spent some time at the beach, not quite Costa Rica, but it isn’t too bad. Today I went to Balboa Park with my co-unemployed amigo Chris and his roommate Leslie, also unemployed. Tuesday is free museum day, but a different two each tuesday. So today was photography and San Diego history. Both worth the price of admission. Not a bad life, and all this is completely free.

I hope bums don’t have internet access, if they do, the legion of homeless roaming Portland will start the trip south as soon as they read this. I think its reasonable to assume that any bum or hobo with internet access would read my blog (unemployment being high on the list of things I write about), and that it hasn’t occured to Portland’s street people that San Diego might be a nice place to live.

While we’re on the subject, a related question. Why are there so many more male unemployed than female? Is it ’cause most women if they can’t hold down a job can lower their standards and find a man to support them, or is it cause women are less likely to have the type of shortcomings that lead to bummery (which seem to be drug addiction, mental instability), or am I just making an incorrect assumption?