Haven’t been writing much lately, too busy flying down I-5 and trying to find a new crib.

The drive wasn’t too painful, but as mentioned previously, wasn’t the grand adventure it could’ve been. I had a few drinks in Seattle, but enough to keep me from getting to PDX the next day.  Saw the old ‘hood and one of the old roomies (thanks for the hospitality Lindsay).  Also enjoyed a beer at one of Portland’s finest second run theaters, which is one of my favorite parts about the city.  $3 for a movie, and they have good beer and good pizza.  The Last King of Scotland was a bit heavy.

I was looking for a bathroom in Golden Gate park a few days later when I found out it was free to get into the de Young, a fairly new modern art museum. I’m not an art critic, but I thought they had some cool stuff. First tuesday of the month is free day.  I liked the Charles Sheeler and Elliot Anderson exhibits.

Stopped by Whittier on my way through LA.  First time back since transfering away last century.  Looking around, couldn’t figure out why I went there in the first place.  But it did bring back fond memories of being young and stupid(er).

Know I’ve made it to San Diego.  Mostly looked at places to sublet, decisions to make on that front, but I’m hoping to not be homeless here in the next couple days.  Applied for a few jobs, hoping to do more of that manana.  So thats my last week or so in  a nutshell.  I apologize to anyone who read it for not having anything more entertaining to say.