More pics from my trip.  These are from the week I spent in Dominical, although I took no pictures during said week that I would deem to be “blog worthy”.  I went to Dominical with the hopes of doing some surfing, but the surf there was a bit beyond my level of expertise.  I did meet a couple of guys from South Carolina who had spent lots of time there, and some Germans who had a car.  This pleasent combination led to a couple of roadtrips to some picturesque spots near by.   So here are the pictures.

Cave to the SeaWe went to a beach that might have been the second prettiest one I saw on the trip.  Nice crescent with palm trees lining the beach and cliffs on both sides.  We were about the only ones there to boot.  On one side there were some caves me we swam out and back into.  Picture of one of those caves inluded.  Thats were I learned swimming in heavy waves sorrounded by rocks might not be that safe.

Friends on a BeachThe German guy claimed he had “forgotten” his swimsuit and was forced to swim in his bikini-briefs.  Very unfortunate.  In retrospect we should’ve chipped in a bought him some bored shorts.  Other than that he seemed like a decent guy.  I posted a pic of the whole crew, indecent German and all.  This was at the formerly mentioned pretty beach, unfortunately I did not get a picture of the whole beach.

Waterfall near DominicalThe next day, on my birthday, we went to a waterfall.  After taking several wrong turns in a cramped car, the rest of the day was pretty damn nice, except for an unfortunately attired German.