Like the title says, more pics from the Costa Rica trip.Arenal

This is Arenal volcano, were I didn’t go, taken from Monte Verde were I did go. I walked around the cloud forest there (no clouds), and took a bunch of pictures. They sucked, which I attribute to my lack of skill as a photographer, not to Monte Verde. I left Monte Verde, spent a pictureless night in Jaco then went to stay in Quepos.

Here’s a pic from just outside my hostel, as some English kids I ran into put it, the place was dodgey. But the hostel, the Widemouth Frog, was nice and right buy the bus stop, which would take you to the national park, Manuel Antonio for about 20 cents.Quepos

I got a nice pic of a monkey in the park, which I think I blogged about at the time, and I’m finally posting. Looking at the pics now I didn’t get many that really captured how impressive the place is, post-card beaches and jungles full of sloths, birds, lizards and monkeys. Too bad.

Monkey  Manuel Antonio