So I’ve been doing some traveling, and I liked it. At some time in the future I’d like to travel again, but what if I wake up one day with an urge to see Cuba? Cars from the fifties, salsa music on every street corner and some of the best pitching in the world.

I talked to a few people who’d been there while I was in Central America. Surprisingly, they said there wasn’t very good infrastructure for the budget traveler. Homestays were possible, but there weren’t hostels, and transportation sounds a bit difficult, as tourist aren’t allowed to travel with the Cubans (this is all second hand and I apologize if its incorrect). I say this is suprising ’cause you’d think Che, famous for his love of low cost traveling, was one of the current governments founding fathers. Perhaps this is some flaw of central planning? But that’s a question for another time.

Getting back to my original point, if I do wake up tomorrow and I feel like I just have to see Havana, I can. But I’ll have to head up to Vancouver to catch the plane, and when I come back G-Dub could throw me in the slammer. So I guess we, as a nation, are still worried that vacations to Marxist utopias like Cuba would lead to everyone coming home and signing up for the Communist party? And what about the trade embargo? We’re keeping that up because Castro is about to crack? Never mind that it’s mostly detrimental to poor Cuban workers, but I guess thats what they get for voting for Castro.

Or is Cuba some sort of military threat that I’m not aware of? We seem to be on decent term’s with sort-of-communist China, even if they are trying to completely wipe out the Tibetan people. Perhaps the difference between the two is an imminent invasion of Miami? What exactly is Cuba up to these days that makes them so dangerous? Hopefully one of our nations leaders who reads my blog will be able to answer these questions, as I’m sure they seem quite silly to more enlightened minds than my own.