I’m finding it difficult to transition from beach-bum to job seeker.  I think it’s a sign from god.  I wasn’t meant to work, and I don’t have a problem with that.  More time for my true calling, blogging.

So here are a few pics from Montezuma, and not so much the town but the waterfall that was nearby.  Early in the trip I only took pictures of beaches, waterfalls and transvestites.  At that point they seemed much more interesting than the little towns I was staying in, but looking back I wish I had a few pictures of Montezuma proper, and all the damn hippies that were running around there.  Their hippie to not-hippie ration had to be even higher than Bellingham’s!  Anyway, the first one is the waterfall we jumped off of, there are a few people sitting in the upper right corner to give you a little perspective of how big it is.

Jumpin Waterall

This next one is a big spider that I thought looked neat, it was hanging out above the previous waterfall, another smaller one is in the background.

Montazuma Spider

There was a third waterfall that was  too big for a sane person to jump off of, but I didn’t get a decent picture of it unfortunately.  I did get this pretty picture of the moon from my hostel

Moon in Montazuma

I tried to take a picture of the lunar eclipse, but a lack of photographic skill and/or equipment kept me from getting one worthwhile. Hopefully I’ll have solved that problem by the next time I’m vacationing in the tropics and a lunar eclipse rolls around.