I know you all (the two people who read this, hi mom) have been dying to see pics of my great adventures in Costa Rica.  I thought about putting up pics in nice themed bunches, one day for beaches, one day for wildlife, one day for transvestites.  But its easier to go through them chronologically, and I’m a busy man.

I didn’t get any snapshots when I flew into San Jose, or of the trip out to Mal Pias, so the pics start after I get there. I took a picture of the sign going into town, so I could look at it on my camera if I forgot where I was.

Mal Pias Sign

I took heaps of pictures of the beach, cause I was new to the country and didn’t realize that to a Costan Rican, this one is a bit of an eyesore.  Still beats the ‘hams coastline.

Playa Santa Teresa   Mal Pias Sunset

Next is my room at the Mal Pias surf camp.  You get there and it seems cool to be staying somewhere they don’t even bother putting walls on, then the sun gets in your eyes at 7 am, an hour after the damn howler monkeys woke you up.
Surf Camp Room

Most mornings I’d just get up and go surfing, so natures alarm clock wasn’t so bad.  Not the case the morning after this one.

Drunk in Mal Pias

I don’t remember being as drunk as I look, but maybe thats cause I was.

Thats all for today, more coming.