So I’ve been told that traveling alone leads to epiphany(s), which makes today very exciting for me. I get on a plane at 8 am tomorrow (5 pm now), and since my trip thus far has ben epiphany-free, one must be coming up pretty soon. I’m not sure exactly what the time frame is, if it can come on the plane ride home, that adds about another half day to when I could be epiphanized. I don´t think the plain ride should count, cause lots of people take plane trips by themselves without getting one.

Even without mind-blowing revelation, it’s been a great six weeks. Costa Rica is a gorgeous country, even if the cities do smell like ass. I can’t say I regret much, except coming back to San Jose for the last two days of my trip. I also wish I’d surfed a bit more and caught a few more monkeys.

At one point in the trip, while I was enjoying myself, I was starting to wonder if traveling the world is really all that great, as far as building character and that kind of shit, or if it was just another way to have a good time. Looking back I think what has been the most rewarding for me has been getting to know people from all over the world and getting a better perspective on how they look at things. So for those of you who don’t have a passport (which according to a drunken Dutchmen, is a huge percentage of us), I’d recommend you pick a chunk of the world, buy a plane ticket to it, and go stay in some hostels. Unless you’re old, you don’t want to be the weird old guy in the hostel. Stay in a hotel if you look like you’re over fourty.

I’ll probably keep posting back home. I’ll put up some pic’s once I sort through them, and write about my less exotic adventures in the States, like trying to find a job. Anyone want to hire me? Maybe my next post should be my resume. I’ll let you all know how my epiphany goes, too.