My semi-random collection of roomates and I took a walk through Cahuita (not the proper spelling) National Park yesterday.  A local decided to be our unrequested tour guide in the hopes of getting his hands on our spare colones.  He was nice enough to tell us that reggae night at Coco’s would be the place to be.  Since we hadn’t heard any reggae for a while, we decided to go (the sarcasm there probably isn’t obvious).

Due to the forward nature of those in attendance, I was a brother and husband to the girls I was with at various points in the evening.  Late in the evening my Aussie friend was chatting with a guy from Seattle in a Where’s Waldo? shirt.  He commented on her accent, she responded that he had one as well, which confused him, which seems to be the kind of thing that makes foriegners dislike Americans.  So as a public service announcement, I’d like to point out to any American’s with a regionless dialect that you do indeed have an accent, its an American accent.

This post would’ve been a lot better if I’d had a tape recorder earlier today when I was watching the Final Four game with some college kids.  They began discussing the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.  It was very funny.  Sadly I’m a bit too tired to remember any of it.

I left Cahuita (still probably misspelled).  Nice little caribbean town with a nice national park.  Monkeys attacked my roomates and stole there food, but I missed it.  No great budget lodging in town, Manuel Antonio is a nicer park, but much more crowded.  I’m in San Jose now, hope to see a volcano and buy some crap before I fly out tuesday.  Still waiting on someone to find me a job…