I told the bartender at Rockin J´s that he was a good salesman after convincing me to drink beet juice, orange juice and vodka.  He told me “it´s a soft sell, know what I mean”, but his soft sell got me started on a night that finished around four and had highlights including a generous Canadien who kept buying me beers, my Aussie friend being confused by a strange Oregonians accent, which turned out to be Irish, the bartender mentioned above making out with a newfound swedish friend of ours on a dance floor, and riding with 9 drunks, including a Dutchman on my lap, down a dark road.

This trip seems to be turning into lazy trips to the beach and long drinking nights.  Might have seen my last beach today, but I´ll probably find a few more cervaza´s before tuesday.

I think its about time to head home and find a job.