The Aussie previously mentioned showed up here in Puerto Viejo.  So I’ve ditched the canuck and my life is again full of “Crikey”‘s and “mate”‘s.

I haven’t been blown away by Puerto Viejo, but I did finally do some snorkeling, which I wanted to do at some point during the trip, and I’ve learned a few important things.  One is that beet juice (or is it beat juice?) and tequila ain’t bad.  Just add some salt and lime.  The other is that in central America, the cute girl who sits down next to you at the bar may have just finished high school a semester early.

Less than a week left, I’m going to try and fit in another beach town and a volcano.  If any of you out there would like to employ me upon my return it would be appreciated.  Even better would be donations to keep me traveling through central America, just send cash or checks to my mom, she should be able to get the loot into my bank account.