There was something I planned on writing about when I got to Bocas Del Toro three days ago, but between relaxing on Caribbean beaches and drinking way to many Panama Lagers I seem to have forgotten what it was.

I do remember the drive over the mountains from David was very pretty.  Bocas is a fun spot, but after staying in places across the street from the beach, having to pay five bucks for a boat ride to the beach every day is ruff.

Didn’t want to pay for the ride last night so I took a swim off the dock of the bar around 3 am with an aussie and a german.  Had our picture taken by a bunch of strangers, but when a bunch more people started jumping in we were forced out of the water.

That was after the Space Invaders party at the hostel/bar I’m staying at (I would recommend Mando Taitu to anyone coming this way).  Its amazing what you can do with somee aluminum foil.  Unfortunately the only water left is in bottles, haven’t showered for two days, so I think I’ll have to head back to Costa Rica tomorrow.