Yesterday afternoon I wasn´t too happy that I stayed in David an extra day instead of passing through.  I tried to replace the contact I lost surfing, didn´t go well.  Everything to my left remains blurry.

Evening rolls around and I start drinking a few cervesa´s, and not suprisingly, alcohol was the solution to yet one more of lifes problems.  Two guys from the northeast and I head out for central Americas biggest fair.  We walked around, bought a few 60 cent beers, saw all the cars they were showing off.  Not special cars, just Fords and Hyundais.

To spice things up we head into the dance club that every self respecting central American fair has.  We get there during the boxing (??), see a few fights, male and female.  Theres easily several hundred people watching, including an upper balcony section, in between rounds they played music for about thirty seconds and everybody dance.  In had a bit of a Beyond Thunderdome feel.

The fighting ends and the mc comes out, they play reggaeton, which sucks, and the mc constantly yells over the music, I think he was telling everyone how they should be dancing, etc.

At some point one of the guys I´m with finds a Panamanian who claims to be an owner of the club.  Not sure what exactly that means as its in a fairground, no permanent structure, but he got us free drinks, so I shouldn´t complain.  The owner also brought over a few lovely Panamanien ladies, we danced with them a bit, but they seemed to get tired with our inability to speak spanish.

When I came down I was primarily interested in seeing some nice beaches, but after being one of three white guys at a huge Panamanien party, the whole experiencing other cultures thing seems a bit more interesting.  If only I could understand what they´re saying.