You know that feeling when you get when you have to stand three hours out of a five hour bus ride to a country you´ve never been, and you haven´t eaten since before the bus, and then you get to your hostel and find  out the biggest fair in central america is a couple blocks away, and you just want something to eat and the closest restaurant is next to the fair and there playing really loud latin music?

Thats how I felt today, you know, a little grumpy, but you try and tell yourself you should be taking it all in.  So I go into the second restaurant I see (Mc D´s was first, but only cause the arches are so damn high), and I´m not sure what I´m odering cause I haven´t ordered Chinese food en espanol before.   End up with a big plate of fried rice and some chicken, would´ve prefered latin american beans and rice, but what can you do?

Now the question is whether I stay in David, Panama´s second city, for a day to check out the fair or do I continue to the beach as originally planned?