So for those of you wondering, my first birthday in central america was great.  I went to a secluded waterfall during the day.  The guy who ¨knew¨the way had us take 3 or 4 wrong turns, but I guess the journey is something or other.  So we eventually get to the waterfall, and its great, nice pool to swim in at the bottom, can climb around beneath it.  Jumping off it would´ve required clearing a pretty good distance, so nobody tried that.

Make it back to Dominical and have the best some tastey new york style pizza for dinner, then did some drinking.

St Patricks day doesn´t seem really popular  here, but Dominical is full of Americans.  I found my way to a gringo potluck with green Imperial (one of the local cervezas), quesadillas, and green rice.  Then we danced the night away at Roca Verde, the local saturday night spot.

All this kept me in Dominical about three days longer than I´d planned, but staying in Domincal ain´t so bad.  My post on traveling to Panama will be up as soon as I get it typed…