So I´ve spent the last several days in Domincal.  Some highlights

  • Texas Hold Em tournament in a hippy campground, took third out of four people
  • Trying to Surf in Dominical, apparently not a good place for a beginner such as myself
  • Swimming through caves with waves crashing into them, then back in another.  Not as easy as promised, but still a good Goonie esq adventure. Even had a six foot seven guy yelling ¨Hey you Guys!!¨
  • Drinking rum with ze Germans.  Done that the last two nights.  Will see if I hit the trifecta tonight.

So I´m halfway through the trip, and I´m glad I set up the blog.  Wasn´t sure if anyone would read it, but it seems at least a few people are checking in on me.  WordPress gives me some stats about the readers, it looks like I commenly get about 20 ¨hits¨a day, which is more than I expected.  I also recently got my first viewer from a search engine quiery.  I don´t remember the exact phrase in the search, but it was something about costa rican transvestites.  A proud moment for me.

Gotta go, today is a trip to a breathtaking waterfall.  Rough life.