My guidebook says that Costa Rica is smaller than the state of Maine.  My bus ride to Quepos yesterday really illustrated how small it is.

I get on the bus and end up standing (full bus) right over two British kids who’d been at the hostel I stayed at in Monteverde.  They had gone to Montazuma (were I was before Monteverde).  A ways down the road two girls from Vancouver Island get on the bus.  We had previously ridden the same bus to Montazuma, then gone strait to the same hostel. I should’ve asked the British kids if they stayed at the same one.

We get to Quepos and it turns out the girls from Vancouver Island are going to the same place as me, which works out great.  All there dorm beds are full, but they have a room for three that we took.  Don’t worry mom, no funny business went on.

Going to check out the Manuel Antonio national park tomorrow, its supposed to be beautiful.