I headed up to the mountains for a few days in Monteverde.  A little chilly for a guy who only brought t-shirts, but I toughed it out.

I’ll admit, I didn’t enjoy the mountains as much as the beach, the “cloud forrest” was lacking in clouds, and I didn’t want to drop the necessary money to have somebody show me the animals I saw for free on the Nicoya Peninsula.  Not that it was a complete waste of time.

I was happy to find an NCAA game on ESPN 2 (VA Commonwealth and George Mason) and even more amused when a British girl walked in and told me she’d never seen a basketball game.  Then she told me all about netball, or something like that.  Essentially basketball sans dribbling.

Another high point for me was chatting with a Korean guy who was a year into a three year tour of the world, but he only had South America and Africa left.  Seems like his first year (Asia, Europe, North America) would be the bulk of the trip.

The  definite highlight was the canopy tour, which sounds like some nature tour were you look at foliage, but it isn’t.  They clip you to cables and send you flying through the trees.  I was the only one in my “tour” which I thought would be weird, but ended up being cool cause I got to chat with the local guides alot.  Best part was the Tarzan swing, which is exactly what it sounds like.  The Tico’s let me do it twice, once forward, once backwards.  I recommend backwards.