Figuring that I know how to deal with a tranny as well as the next guy, I decided to check Jaco out for myself.

So after a bus ride that started at 6 am, I find myself standing in the middle of Jaco.  I wouldn’t say I’ve been off the beaten path on this trip, but Jaco definitely takes the cake for touristy in the places I’ve been too.  Lots of Americans wandering through souvenier shops with the kids and sitting around at TCBY.  My problem is the bus dropped me off smack in the middle of town, and I’m trying to decide between two hostels, one on the north side and one on the south.  To make the choice harder I have different maps to each, so its hard to tell which one is farther.  I choose south cause they promise free internet, and I love blogging without having to worry about the bill.

Turns out I chose wrong, Hotel Kangaroo is far enough south that it isn’t even on the map that the tourist police have with all the hotels, but that doesn’t deter them.  I arrive right behind my police escort.  So the Brazilian guy running the place informs me he only has one dorm bed available, and somebody has a reservation.  He convinces me to wait around to see if the guy shows by calling a friend and assuring me I can get a room at their place if I have to.

I buy a bottle of water and go sit by the pool, and start chatting with a kiwi.  He says Jaco is a tad shady, as I had feared, but he likes the Hotel Kangaroo, and avoids going into Jaco proper.  After a few minutes discussing the nearby waves (good for a beginner he tells me), he leaves.  Shortly after a cute German girl sits down next to me and strikes up a conversation.  Her take on Jaco is the same, towns no good, but Hotel Kangaroo is cool.  She also warns me that all the attractive women in Jaco are transvestites, asks how to say Adams Apple in English, and warns me to look for it. 

Up to this point I’m enjoying my decision to come to Jaco, and the Hotel Kangaroo in particular.  Then things go south.  It begins with cute German girl pointing out her boyfriend, and is quickly followed by the owner coming to tell me the reservation has arrived.  I have to strap my backpack back on and return to town.  By cute German girl.

The dissapointment continues when I arrive at the place recommended to me.  Its right in the middle of town, which is fine, but its very much a hotel, which isn’t so fun traveling alone, and they want 10,000 colones ($20) for a room.  I think there had been a misunderstanding, as I’d be told $10.  I’m so sick of walking in 80+ degree heat with my damn backpack on I take it. 

So I go check out the town and look for a place to move to, but after seeing a few too many fast food restaraunts and way to many drug addicts I decide Jaco is going to be a one night affair.  Unfortunately, surfing will have to wait.