Before I get into the story, I will preface it with some background on Jaco (remember the soft J en espanol, and rhymes with taco).  I have not been to Jaco, but I´ve heard that it sufferes from the dark side of tourism, ie drugs, petty theft, prostitution.  On the other side it is supposed to have good surf. 

The following story of Jaco was told to me by two Americans, I forget their names so I will call them Tacoma and California, cause thats were they said there from.

Tacoma and California had to cross this bridge to get to their hotel.  The bridge is worth noting cause it was a gathering place of sorts for transevestites.  Tacoma claims that in order for a transevestite to survive in a Catholic country like Costa Rica they have to be strong guys, so picture a bridge full of she-male Lou Ferigno´s.  And since they hang out on a bridge all day, I think it is safe to assume that is their place of business.  So these aren´t your song and dance drag queen types.

One night Tacoma and California were coming home.  The boys struck me as partyers (they were drunk when they told me the story), and it seemed this was a normal party night for T & C.  As they approach the infamous bridge, they see only two transevestites and feel a bit relieved.  Tacoma is stopped by one trying to get some business as they cross, and within seconds they are surrounded.  California is sure they were hiding in the bushes, and there had to be eight or more.  So California took off running, spinning and stiff arming transevestites hookers as he goes.  Tacoma is warding off hands grabbing at his wallet and other, more sensitive parts before finally breaking free of the pack.

I´m not passing this story along to disparriage Jaco, as most bigger citys have some problem with less desirable types.  I´m also not trying to insult transvestites, but I´ll admit they do kind of give me the willies.  Thats why the story is amusing.  If any transvestite hookers take offense at the story, I don´t have a problem with that.  Not sure if I did it justice, as Tacoma and California told it well.