I’ve finally left Mal Pias.  I could have happily stayed longer, but I would like to see more than one place while I’m here.

I decided Montazuma would be the next stop, it wasn’t a long trip, and some people had told me it was a worth seeing.  So I was waiting for the bus to Cobano (were I would get a bus to Montazuma) in Mal Pias, ended up chatting with two dutch guys who had just rented a place for two months.  I wish I had asked how much that was costing them, but I didn’t.  The bus is about a half hour late when some guy in his work truck tells us we could hop in the back to get to Cobano.  Sitting back there turned into a real adventure, since the road isn’t in what I would call “good” condition.  Made it okay, thanked the tico who gave us a ride, said good-bye to the dutch and caught a bus to Montazuma.

Got to a hostel here and the guys staying there were headed to some waterfalls.  I’d been hoping to get some rest (drank a lot of so-called party juice with some Canadiens the night before), but I decided to go anyway.  Glad I did, the waterfalls were beautiful, jumped off one that was around 30 or 40 feet.  I hadn’t done anything like that in years, a real rush.  I’m going to go back today for pictures.

Finished the night off with a game of spades with the roomates, on our deck with an ocean view ($9 a night). Another great day in paradise.