I walked outside my Rancho monday morning to take some monkey pictures.  I´ve heard they´ll throw stuff, but these were well behaved.  Would have enjoyed it more if I hadn´t been hungover from drinking wit ze germans…or a german and some Americans.  The german would´ve made a great stereotype in a movie, smoking and drinking like crazy, his name was Hahns or Johan or Adolph or something, well, it wasn´t Adolph, but it was a good stereotypical German name.  He told me I have a much stronger Amercian accent than the other Americans at the table, not sure how to take that.

Right now life consists of surfing, eating, sleeping, then repeating the cycle (two a day), with a little monkey watching mixed in.  The place I´m staying at is apparently the hot spot on wednesday, so I think I´ll stay till thursday.  Next stop is Montezuma, more waterfalls, less surfing.  Now its time to eat.