For all of you who have been checking daily, I’m finally writing a post.

 I’d like to say coming to a foreign country were I don’t speak the langauge didn’t bother me a bit, but I’ll admit I was a tad nervous the first night.  It didn’t help that my cab driver didn’t speak a word of english and didn’t seem to know where my hotel was, and it wasn’t to scam me, I’d already payed a flat rate for the trip.  He asked someone and everything worked out fine.  Debated over whether to wait a day so I could arrange a shuttle out to the coast, or just charge ahead with public transportation.  I chose option B and I’m glad I did.  In the light of day Costa Rica wasn’t so scary, but the could use some road signs.

Taking buses probably took a little longer, but not a lot, and it cost less the ten bucks.  I met a nice Canadien couple on the first bus, one of whom spoke passible Spanish, and they were heading to the same place I was so I tagged along with them.  Met a few more Canadiens along the way.  This country seems to be crawling with them…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So now I’m in Mal Pais, trying to surf.  I’ll save surfing stories for another day.