It’s important to celebrate an upcoming vacation, so I got together with fifteen or so kindred spirits for a wing ding of a pub crawl saturday night. Much time and planning went into the selection and ordering of nine of bellingham’s finest drinking holes, and it was a good list, but it wasn’t enough for us, so an impromptu tenth bar was added.

Pub CrawlingGood times were had by all, but I have to admit my memory gets pretty hazy around #7, the Ranch Room. They claim to have the strongest drinks in town, and I have no reason not to believe them.

The staff of the Beaver (#6, pictured) was uncharacteristically cordial when they told Ian that we should stop throwing popcorn all over their floor.

The night ended for me at the Depot (#10) when the lights came on and the music went off, which I took to mean they were closing. The next day a fellow pub-crawler informed me they weren’t closing, someone had thrown a brick threw a window maybe twenty feet from me. I didn’t even notice. Stumbling off in search of a cab was probably for the best.

Should be enough Bellingham fun to tide me over, next post will be from Costa Rica.