Before the great robbery of ’06, I had a lot of shoes, at least by man standards. Basketball shoes, soccer shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes. They weren’t all stolen, but it was a dent in the collection. A year after the robbery I had only replaced a few pairs, hoops shoes were a necessity, new running shoes were purchased for hiking before my trip to central America.

Since moving south I have only purchased flip flops and dress shoes, so some of my kicks are getting a bit ragged. In the past few months I’ve considered replacing the running shoes, the basketball sneakers, new shoes for work, shoes for kickball.

Of course, when I was ten I had my shoes, and probably some sport specific cleats, but my shoes, whatever they were, had to make due for everything that didn’t involve a coach yelling at me. That system seemed to work pretty well. So I went out and bought a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars, just like I wore when I was ten, except I went with the low tops. I’m going to test drive life with a limited shoe collection. Start things off with kickball, try going for a jog in them. See how many pairs of shoes I really need.


I got roped into a conversation with a blind guy at the beach, he starts feeling around for his sandles, touching a couple pairs and saying ‘those aren’t mine’, I see a pair a couple feet away and say “There’s another pair over there.” That’s it. I’m a jackass, but I have excellent vision.

If you don’t have Big Boi’s new album you should go get it, and he was nice enough to link to an extra track on his twitter account.

Also, if you like Bob Marley (which you do cause everyone likes Bob Marley) and you like Mos Def, and you like good music, you should download this mixtape.

Go get some lemonade and sunglasses and your all set to enjoy the summer.

While I have no scientific proof to qualify the following as laws of Seattle sports, ample evidence exists to suggests they are as certain as Newton’s laws of motion.

  1. A Seattle sports franchise will not win a championship (I know about the 79 Sonics, but things that happened when I was an infant might as well have not happened at all).
  2. Seattle gets three professional sports teams, no more, no less (note the sports gods took our Sonics as they bestowed the Sounders).
  3. One of those teams will always be good.
  4. The other two will not be good.

Based on these laws, and the current records of the Mariners and Sounders, things are looking up for the Seahawks.

but I’m drinking my last beer. This leaves me with three options

  1. Drive to get more beer
  2. Pay way too much for beer at the corner store
  3. Drink zero more beer

In #2, I mean ‘too much’ as in paying way more than I have to pay, not way more than beer is worth to me.

First off I don’t think Lost and WFS share much of an audience, but I feel like letting my thoughts on the show fly, so suffer through it reader. No specific spoilers here, but if your planning on watching the show you still might not want your judgment clouded by my opinions, so there’s that.

I once told a friend that I enjoyed watching Lost, but I couldn’t be sure how much I liked the show until it ended. What I think a lot of people wanted to know was whether the writers had some grand scheme in mind that would explain all (or at least most) of what was going on, or if they were just throwing stuff at us with the hope that they would be able to wrap it up at the end.

So after the finale I should be of the opinion that I don’t like the show so much, because I’m confident the latter was what was going on. To top it off the final episode wasn’t very good. But in retrospect I’m still glad a I wasted spent all those hours watching the show. I guess the conclusion was good enough (at least the island storyline, the sideways storyline can go to hell and die). The flaws of the finale, and the consequential flaws with the series, weren’t so bad as to negate how interesting it was to watch everything unfold.

While the final episode didn’t stack up against, say, any other season finale the show had, I’m having trouble remembering another series finale that I really enjoyed (other than the Wire, but it’s not fair to compare shows to the Wire). King of the Hill comes to mind, but I’m going to have to put Lost’s finale, that I didn’t like, in the running for my favorite non-Wire series finale ever.

I’ve been thinking of writing my city councilman a letter suggesting San Diego pass a law requiring anyone with Arizona plates be pulled over and shown proof of citizenship in our great town. My motivation was to give the crackers from Arizona who drive around town like morons all summer a little taste of their own medicine. Then it occurred to me that not all the Arizonans who come to visit are crackers, and it would really suck for the Phoenix hispanic population to get treated like that at home and on vacation.

And I can’t help but wonder how many of the folks out there who are supporting the wave of thinly veiled racist laws they are passing realize that they are doing a wonderful job of replacing the deep south as the geographic region best known for bigotry. Maybe they realize it and they’re proud, I don’t know.

And for any Arizonans who happen to come across this (not likely given the WFS popularity), I know you don’t all think everyone with brown skin should have to show their papers like Jews in Nazi Germany, but I’d prefer if you’d take that upĀ  with your representatives before you take it up with my comments section.

I don’t have to be liked by everyone, certain people don’t like me, I don’t like certain people. However, I do try and live an enemy free life, keeps the drama level low. Unfortunately after two years of disagreements I have to concede that my right should is my arch-enemy. The motherfucker just does not want to let me do things I want to do, and I don’t see what it’s getting out of it. Maybe it’s lazy, it is pushing me towards a more sedintary life, free of swimming, throwing footballs and swinging my arms in a windmill like fashion for extended periods of time.

Once I have school out of the way I think I’ll work on a plan to really get back at my right shoulder. Right now, it’s trying to get me to stop typing this.


I said that before going to see Iron Man 2 and I won’t say it again. In related blogging I came across some meeting notes from the production process for said movie. Spoiler Alert! The discussion pertains to the end of the movie.

Executive One: So we bring back Robert Downey Jr, replace Terrence Howard with Don Cheedle, because my wife likes Don Cheedle, and bring in some sex appeal with the Ninja Scarlett Johanson character. What do have for a villain?

Executive Two: Well, who did Iron Man fight in the comic books?

Executive One: Doctor Doom

Executive Two: We used him in the Fantastic Four

Executive One: Okay, how about Blizzard, or Firebrand.

Executive Two: No, I’ve never heard of any of them. We need someone with name recognition. Like Mickey Rourke.

Executive One: Hmmm, does he have any superpowers?

Executive Two: Mickey Rourke? Not that I’m aware of, but he is in good shape for his age. Maybe we can do something with special effects. Give him a whip.

Executive One: Whiplash was an Iron Man villain.

Executive Two: Whatever, how did we end the first one?

Executive One: He fought another Iron Man.

Executive Two: Lets do that again, but throw the whips in to spice it up, two of ’em. If Ledger got an Oscar for the Joker role, wait’ll they see this, he didn’t even have one whip.

Personally, I think they had a blockbuster franchise with the Ninja Scarlett Johanson idea, they should have run with that.

I’m re-watching the first season of the Wire. They mentioned Avon Barksdale is 31. In 31 years Avon gains control of the heroin trade in half of a major metropolitan market. I’m 31 and I don’t have a single corner. I just sit in a cubicle all day.

One of those things that makes you wonder if you could be doing more with your life.

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